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  • Do you have an old web site that's looking for a face lift? Do you want a specialist in front-end design & standards-compliant XHTML and CSS for sparkle? Need help writing web pages?I have expertise in taking old table-based web pages & re-rendering them to CSS, adding a bit of spice for navigation and making your WordPress pages look the same. I can also help train you to become more efficient with your content management system for your eCommerce project. In design I strive to create awesome Cartoon Characters, and simple user interface layouts. Web pages should be informative and accessible to all. PacificMix is fully equipped to enhance your web eStore or setup Google AdWords to enable inbound clicks by converting visitors and providing superior quality graphics & animations that are clear, download quickly.
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    Over 50% of your Internet traffic use Internet Explorer, about 35% browse the web with Firefox/Mozilla. Google Chrome is making headway in popularity, while Safari & Opera follow up the rear. top web browsersThis means that your web pages need to be formatted for that all important 100% visibility. Here's a quick overview of the services offered. Web Site Design & Implementation to the Internet. Web site maintenance, multimedia graphics design which can include animation, video, audio, photography, technical illustration & desktop publishing. Need a quote, use email and thanks for the visit, let's hope you found my services useful. Need a quick quote, give me a call (707) 494-9910 - ask for Steve. Don't let time drip away!

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  • Simplicity & Usability

    As a Web2.0 designer and commercial artist, I have supported local businesses with CSS templates, logo designs and other marketing products. This would include signage and promotional banners for booths at technical shows, banner ads, and graphic layouts for brochures. My root experience as an artist was founded on designing billboards for the outdoor advertising industry. This talent requires a message get to its target audience quickly (highway ads get three seconds or less). I take this talent to the desktop when digitally designing graphics and presentation functionality. For the last 7+ years I have focused on Built for the web developing websites and user interface structures for Internet applications. As an active digital designer I can easily multitask between jobs and will always seek an elegant solution to every project. Would you like to see why Firefox and the lesser used Mozilla browser together constitute the most used, today?
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    Structurally sound web coder

    The Internet and its millions of web site destinations are very much like your storefront display window. As seasons or fashions change so too does the look of the front window display. Visitors to your web site may not feel the information is up-to-date if the web site looks the same from year to year (or month to month for that matter). To instill confidence to visitors that the lights are on and some IS home your web site needs color enhancements or simple design changes to make a big, positive impact. A design that includes one or two branding layers can allow easy revisions to liven up the page. Artist Robert Ethington shows color in this way. I'd be happy to answer any technical questions about your web site, Built for the web and it would be ABSOLUTELY FREE. I feel confident that I can deliver the level of quality you require while at the same time help remove the heavy workload from your main support staff.
    I like being a support person in a crunch and will always communicate professionally to you AND your clients.