design 411

Twenty + years of graphics design experience

Illustration examples and a few words about the Sebastopol, Ca. artist, Steve Greek.

As a commercial artist, I provide businesses with marketing imagery and web support. This would include signage and promotional banners for booths at technical shows, newspaper ads, and explanatory diagrams for brochures. I also have experience designing billboards.
I have taken this particular talent to the desktop when designing icons and presentation functionality. I also have a complete grasp of computer hardware and understand the right tools for the right job. (Mac-OSX and PC/Windows using Flash) I've been involved in many research and development projects and provided start-up support to obtain venture capital funding. I have customer support experience and will always clarify client issues, listen to concerns and will become an integral support member of your business team.

What am I doing now?

Upcycled Redwood fence boards & jewelry - Saving more stuff from the landfill. Custom pieces can be designed using your loved one's jewelry, even treasure pieces that are in ill repair. The wood dictates the design and layout - it's nature speaking up. Look at my new art - UpCycle Today - Artwork on recycled fence boards are for sale and ready to hang, check them out! The photo below is a way you can place the artwork in your Funky Shack, AirBnb OR girls cave. A fusion of acrylic painting and heritage jewelry on a canvas of old growth redwood. Coming soon new work available online at Saatchi Art - search stephen greek. Wine country is the scenery that draws in people to of the sonoma California countryside, just as the great redwoods - My recycled artwork is fusion of acrylic painting and heritage jewelry on a canvas of recycled Old Growth Redwood, including found objects.

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